Car Detailing in Torquay

Car detailing is a labour intensive job which is reflected in prices for car detailing services.

If you are selling the car this is probably the way to go (although you may not want to sell it after these guys are finished with it!).

There is a new service in Torquay Pauls Mobile Car Care which started in 2019. The service comes to your home or work to wash your car. The prices are reasonable given the extra convenience, with a wash starting at around $60 and moving up to around $490 for a complete detail and cut and polish.

Geelong Car Detailing offers pre-sale car detailing services from $350. However this quickly gets up to $600 when you include interior and exterior extras.

VIP Car Detailing offers detailing, tinting and gas strut replacement. Gas struts hold the large doors on the back of your car or the car bonnet open. Once a gas strut is broken you quickly realise how heavy that rear door is. Australia’s Most Affordable Company for Detailing, Tinting, Gas struts and Car Protection