Dog Wash in Torquay and Geelong

Taking the dog (or cat or rat) out of the house to get washed is usually a much better plan than trying to wash them at home. Lets face it, it’s probably more likely it’s the stinky dog that needs the wash not the cat.

Below is an example of a K9000 Dog Wash at a car wash.

K9000 Dog Wash

The table below shows the options for car wash locations that have Pet Wash Bays in Torquay and Geelong

Car Wash Service NameCar Wash AddressAutomaticSelf ServeHand WashDetailingPet wash
Torquay Carwash302 Cylinders Drive TorquayYesYesNoNoYes
Grovedale Car and Dog Wash226 Torquay Rd, GrovedaleYesYesNoNoYes
Squeekies Car Spa92 Barrabool Rd, HightonNoYesNoNoYes
Wizard Car Wash65 High Street BelmontYesYesNoNoYes