Car Wash Directory Torquay

Hand Car Wash Options in Torquay

There is not a huge choice of hand car wash options in Torquay. There are more self service car washes available in Torquay than hand car washes. The self-service car wash are also usually open 24 hours.

Magic Car Wash has several outlets in and around Geelong, including Geelong Westfield on the ground floor of the Big W car park. There is a Magic Car Wash at 190 High St Belmont.

Magic Hand Car Wash prices start at around $50 although $65 appears more typical for what you would want which is a wash/vacuum inside and out.

A third independent hand car wash is Glitz Hand Car Wash at 8-10 Mercer St Geelong. Probably better value than Magic Hand Car Wash they have discount offers for packages of 5 exterior wash and interior vacuum. Recent reviews about Glitz show, overall quick service with good exterior wash but the vacuuming can be lacking.

Some of the complaints and risks of going with a hand car wash are all around just care of the car while working on the clean and include:

  • damage to the interior
  • damage to the paintwork, swirls and scratches
  • general lack of car while cleaning, sometimes you need to clean after the cleaner has finished the job.